Tool Detection System

The Beginning.....

It all began when aircraft technician Robert "Bob" Gilman, while serving in the US Air Force, misplaced a tool during aircraft maintenance. He states "I spent a year one day looking for my missing tool before finding it." Because his tool search was very difficult and time consuming, after retiring from the Air Force, he began to wonder if there could be a better way to quickly find and recover missing tools in an aircraft environment.

The idea eventually became a reality. Our research and development using micro magnetic sensing technology has yielded a cost effective solution to the tool FOD damage problem.


Our Purpose

Since the advent of aviation, tool FOD has been a major concern and threat to aircraft safety. Several studies were published on the economic cost of FOD damage. The most recent was published by Insight SRI Ltd for civil aviation. Internationally the cost is estimated at US$13 billion dollars annually. The total includes direct and indirect costs. When considering the FOD damage costs for other sectors of aviation such as manufacturing, military, government and corporate, it's definitely a very big deal.

In the recent past, considerable progress has been made with effective tool inventory technology. It is absolutely critical for manufacturing and maintenance personnel to know when a tool is misplaced. However, the next very critical step is tool recovery.

Now, with the Aeroprobe® Tool Recovery System, manufacturing and maintenance customers are saving costly misplaced tool search downtime and aircraft tear down, while preventing potential tool FOD damage and loss of human life.

I spent a year one day searching for my missing tool...
— Robert "Bob" Gilman

Our Goal

To ensure our customers derive the most benefit from their purchase, the company is dedicated to providing the highest quality support for our products.

Adducent Technology, Inc. is conducting ongoing research and development to improve and expand the application of micro magnetic sensing technology in aviation and other industries.

Adducent Technology Inc. is a trusted name in the aviation manufacturing and maintenance industries.

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