Tool Detection System




  • Sensitivity control to pinpoint tool location
  • Detect tools through aircraft structure 
  • Portable hand held detector probe 
  • Easy to implement and use
  • Durable and reliable 
  • Simple design and function

  • Reduce tool search time
  • Prevent tool FOD damage
  • Increase productivity
  • Save unnecessary tear-down
  • Minimal life cycle costs
  • Improve safety
  • Save lives                         

Increase Productivity & Decrease Tool FOD

Aeroprobe® was awarded the Process Innovation winner
— Aviation Week Magazine

Thousands of tools are misplaced annually costing millions of dollars in resources and man hours from aircraft downtime, aircraft damage and potential loss of life. Misplaced tools that are not recovered can jam control surfaces, cause fires stemming from electrical  shorts, and may cause catastrophic damage to an engine.

The Aeroprobe® can be implemented quickly and efficiently into any manufacturing or maintenance environment.
— FOD Manager Craig M.

Many hours can be spent searching for misplaced/dropped tools.  These tools can be difficult to find, or worse, be overlooked. Tools tend to blend into the aircraft environment or may be shielded from sight by the aircraft structure- hidden in many of the hard to see and difficult to reach "nooks and crannies" within the aircraft. Add on-the-job pressure and the limited human attention span, and you have the potential for dangerous and costly tool FOD.


Using the Aeroprobe® overcomes the limited human sight and touch senses by allowing the operator to literally hear the tool, even through shielding structures of the aircraft! Implementing the Aeroprobe can effectively increase your find rate, decrease downtime, and prevent tool FOD damage to aircraft. 



  • Electronic Detector Unit
  • Belt Carrying Harness with Scabbard
  • Sensing Probe
  • Retractile Coil Probe Cord
  • Headset
  • Battery Recharge Cord
  • Protective Carrying Case


  • Steel Case Activator
  • Plastic Case Activator
  • Tool Check Validator
  • Protective Case
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It always starts with a single personBe the change you want to be. Implement the Aeroprobe® Tool Detection System for rapid tool recovery and dramatically decrease misplaced tool costs!



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