Tool Detection System

Product Reviews

Since incorporating the Aeroprobe® Tool Recovery System into our build process we have not reported a lost tool to our customers in over a year. Our tool replacement cost went down and our stand down time searching for lost tools went to nearly zero, minutes/hours compared to days. We also reduced our documentation to ship records, FOD alerts to customers and maintainers.
— Richard B.

A dropped fastener tool was located through the fuselage and recovered within approximately one hour using the Aeroprobe®. This saved us three days of tear down and rebuild.
— Michael L.

A tool search was conducted to locate a missing tool. The suspect area on the aircraft engine was thoroughly scanned using the Aeroprobe® but the tool was not found. However, a secondary search, using the Aeroprobe®, was initiated and the tool was located in a rag bin.
— Rod T.

When tools were misplaced during maintenance, the Aeroprobe® was used to expedite recovery. The operation tempo is very busy and we cannot afford extensive downtime looking for a missing tool. The Aeroprobe® has proven very valuable both in reducing downtime and preventing tool FOD. The Aeroprobe® improved our overall tool control system by offering a cost-effective means for finding tools.
— Keith C.

This system [Aeroprobe®] has proven to perform as advertised. It is relatively quick and simple to implement and once set up works great. This system has saved us valuable time looking for lost tools. Because of its relatively easy operation it also is not manpower intensive and time consuming to implement and use.
— Craig M.

A small ½” socket was misplaced in an AV8 Harrier engine which would normally require engine removal and tear down to recover the socket. However, the Aeroprobe® was used to pinpoint the tool through the outside panel and extracted using the probe and a magnetic tool retriever saving approximately 3 days to tear down and another 2-3 days to reassemble. This aircraft was configured for a high priority project and thousands of dollars were saved by returning this aircraft to a flight status on schedule.
— Richard M.

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